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Mayo Salt is manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Premium Quality products made of Himalayan Rock Salt – the purest salt on Earth. We are a bondholder of the second largest salt mine in the world – Khewra Salt Mines (Mayo Mines) Pakistan

Global Supply Chain

Mayo salt is one stop, if you are in search of reliable Manufacturer and supplier of Himalayan rock Salt with International supply chain Network.

Quality Guaranteed

From Mining to the end user, our skilled team, state of the art processing unit make sure the international quality control procedures for the best quality of Himalayan salt Products.

Largest Salt Stocks

For fast order processing, May Salt maintain large salt stocks for all of their product line to ensure timely deliveries.


We offer competitive prices to our partners and brands to attain visible share from salt business

 Himalayan Salt Applications

Find the salt applications for your company here

Edible Salt

Home Decor

Bath Salt

Agricultural Salt

Industrial Salt

Smoothness Salt

 Himalayan Salt Products

Find the salt applications for your company here


Hand-mined Himalayan salt is the purest and unprocessed salt & it contains 84 trace minerals.

Bath Salt

Salt candle holder can enhance the ambiance of any space by its warm glow while emitting healthy ions.

Salt Culinary

Himalayan bath salt has healing & therapeutic properties. It detoxifies the body while providing minerals.

Edible Salt

Himalayan Salt has remained locked under the Himalayas for millions of years, protected.

Salt Basket

Salt blocks are best for healthy cooking. It offers many culinary uses & provides benefits of pure salt.

Salt Tiles & Sauna

Pure hand carved Aromatherapy Salt Lamps can create the perfect moment for you with their soothing warm glow.

Animal Lick Salt

Himalayan salt licks contain 84 minerals and are very beneficial for the health & growth of all animals.

Industrial Salt

Salt tiles, available in different cuts and colors, an ideal building material that can enhance any decor.

Road Salt

Salt tiles, available in different cuts and colors, an ideal building material that can enhance any decor.

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Salt categories

Himalayan Edible Salt

Light Pink Himalayan Salt

Black Himalayan Salt

Dark Pink Himalayan

Himalayan salt Lamps

Natural Salt Lamps

Geometric Shape lamps

Salt Basket Lamps

Wooden Basket Lamps

Tea Light Holders

Aroma Salt Lamps

Industrial Salt 

Oil Drilling Grade Salt

Oil Refinery Grade

Nitrite Salt

Chlor-Alkali Grade

Dyes Manufacturing

Double Fortified Food Salt

Extra-Pure AR Grade

Road Salt 

Rock salt 

Sprinkle salt

Brine Tanks


Sodium chloride

Potasium Chloride

Agriculture Salt

Lick Stone

Animal Lick Blocks

Feeding Salt

Water Softening Grade Salt

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